Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

  • That's a cool name - where did 'Safety Genius' come from?

    The 'Safety' part is what we do, and the 'Genius' part is for the great team that does what we do.

    Everyone at Safety Genius has 'Genius' in their job title, for 2 reasons:

    1. Because everyone is a Genius in their own way
    2. We go the extra distance to solve our Customers' problems - Pure Genius!

  • I need a sign - what materials are available?

    All our sign materials listed below are suitable for outdoor use, with an expected life of at least 3 years (this can vary depending on conditions exposed to).

    SA: Self Adhesive Vinyl – a Sticker. Best suited to smooth clean areas for strongest adhesion. If the surface is dusty, porous, textured or just not that smooth then its best to go for a PVC or ACM sign.

    PVC: Durable and weather proof plastic with some flexibility.

    ACM: Aluminium Composite Material. A PVC plastic core with a thin skin of Aluminium either side – very sturdy, particularly for larger signs where you do not want it to flex.

    Corflute: lightweight and cost effective plastic, the same material you see in most real estate agent signs.

    Magnetic: Made to order magnetic signs - often used on vehicles as temporary signage (including using NZTA approved reflective sheeting)

    Luminous: Glows in the Dark! These can be stickers or any of the more rigid materials listed above. Luminous signs charge themselves up by being in light (indoor lights are fine). Then when the lights go out its time for these signs to shine!

    Please Note: not all signs are available in all types - please get in touch so we can help you with a solution!

  • I can't find what I'm looking for?

    At Safety Genius we're problem solvers! We manufacture in Hamilton and ship from one end of NZ to the other.

    If in doubt, give us a shout - we're a phone call or email away from taking care of you!

    get in touch with us.